What's Next ?

I Was Trying To Help

Rather Than Bother Someone Else, I thought I'd Fix It Myself......

The Intentions were all good, but the actions proved dangerous.

Only tackle jobs where you know what you're doing. This is no place for keen amateurs.

In case you're wondering....

The cable should be tightly secured by the cable grip, not with cable hanging out.

This plug has no pin insulation. It went out of date in 1984. 

The screws are there to stop the cables slipping out. This appliance now has no continuous earth.

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure your company is safe.

According to the HSE over 56,000 reported accidents could be classified as being electricity related and 10% of all fatal injuries are also electricity related. 

So we all need to take it seriously.

Where do we start?

Talk to us. No hard sales, no pressure. Let's talk about how we can make your company safer - Together.

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If you're new to all this we'll probably recommend a Risk Assessment first. We'll provide that and we won't charge you. This is primarily about safety.

The Risk Assessment will demonstrate how frequently your company should be PAT tested. It will also highlight how a small amount of training will impact your Risk Assessment. And no, we're not trying to sell you the training.

What's to lose ?

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