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Portable Appliance Testing

 Who are we ?

  • is a specialist Portable Appliance Testing Company.
  • We're not electricians, we just do testing.
  • City & Guilds Qualified
  • DBS Checked
  • Fully Insured

Why Have It Done ?

  • You're required by law to ensure that your business is safe and that the people involved within it are safe too.
  • You may be required to have it done by a governing body or trade association.
  • Electricity injures around 1,000 people at work every year, of these, around 30 die.

What's Involved?

  • It's basically the MOT for your electrical appliances.
  • It includes, Computers, Leads, Kettles, Microwaves, Fans, Heaters Toasters and Lamps.
  • If you plug it in, it will be inspected, checked for operation and tested (if applicable).
  • If it passes, it'll get a nice new I/D sticker and a clean bill of health.
  • If it fails we'll repair it, or advise you to remove it from service.

There's a new 5th Edition Code of Practice that now includes Fixed Wire items in the testing. These include items such as hand dryers, air conditioning units and some heaters. Ask for advice.

How Often?

As a general rule, we advise businesses to have testing carried out annually. Quite simply, a lot can change in a year and we feel that's about the right time between tests.

The rules say that your business should carry out a Risk Assessment and use the results from this to

determine the period between tests. We're happy to undertake your Risk Assessments for you and we'll

do them free of charge if you book us for next year too.

And How Much ?

45p per test, up to 2,000 items

Above 2,000 then it's 40p per item

Minimum charge per site is £65

Nothing hidden, transparent prices

Fixed Wire Items are charged at a different rate, please ask for details. We're not trying to hide the price, we just need to talk to you first.

A Wealth of Experience




Car Dealerships

Hair & Beauty


High End Private Airlines


Heavy Industry

Research Labs

Industrial Quarrying Plant (Site Safety Passport Holder)


Distribution Warehouses


Pubs and Clubs

Fitness Studios & Gyms

Engineering Workshops

Dentists Surgeries

Country Clubs


Children's Homes

Sheltered Accommodation

Hotels & Motels

Music Venues

Golf Clubs


Steel Manufacturers

Industrial Upholsterers

Guest Houses

Chip Shops

Digital Photo Booths

Media Advisers

Auto Repair Shops

Hearing Centres

Industrial Engravers


Double Glazing Manufacturers

Covert Equipment Manufacturers

Wood Machinists


National Archive Centres



Secretarial Trainers

Security Firms

High End Holiday Lets

Naturists Centres....

Hire Centres



Leisure Centres

Medical Centres

Landscape Gardeners

Specialist Care Homes

Dating Agencies

Asbestos Disposal Companies

Jazz Clubs

Air Conditioning Manufacturers

Risk Assessments

         We'll take care of that..

As part of the Code of Practice your future PAT testing is risk based. This means that you need to assess every area of your business to ascertain the percieved risks to staff and the public. We include this as part of your testing. If you book us for next year it's free.

Genuine Photographs

All of the example photos are totally genuine, taken whilst testing. If we see electrical faults, that aren't necessarily part of the PAT test, we'll point them out to you.

Many of the issues seen are caused by user error or staff bringing in their own equipment.

Often repairs get carried out by unskilled staff , they're trying to help but in actual fact they are endangering everyone.

We'll offer practical advice to help you keep everyone safer. 

Phone:     01787 464299

Mobile:    07469 352221

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GDPR - The information we hold about each client is restricted to work site and email addresses. Any personal information held has been supplied directly by the client. We do not share any information with prospective or existing clients, nor any third party of any sort. It is held by us for as long as we deem necessary and is reviewed regularly. Any client sending us an email marked 'unsubscribe' is removed from our records immediately. Any client may view the entire record held for them at any time. Test records will be kept for a minimum of 7 years from the test date, but these will only contain a contact name and job title, no other details will be shown. 

Covid 19 Statement

In the current difficulties we intend to ensure social distancing at all times. We are happy to undertake out-of-hours working to reduce personal contact where practical. If you have any concerns about PAT testing during the crisis then please call us to discuss.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe. is a wholly owned division of Tony Tassell Limited, Registered Office is 3, Layzell Croft, Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 0JY


Just so you know who you're dealing with.... is a dedicated and specialist Portable Appliance Testing Company, owned outright by Test Engineer Tony Tassell

The company was formed after Tony had worked for several major national PAT companies and believed he could do much better.

EssexPAT now provides test services to a wide variety of industries throughout East Anglia