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Here's a few samples of our standard documents, but it's your call. You want something changed, tell us from the start, we'll change it.

Standard Test Sheet Example

Risk Assessment Example

Every job has a full Risk Assessment carried out. It's based upon observations, test results and conversations with site personnel. It's the basis of future test frequency advice. We don't just pluck figures out of the air !

Failed Items & Advisory Items

When an item fails we will tape the end of the plug to prevent it's use and attach a label to show why it's failed. There may be items that this isn't practical for, for example freezers that are in use. We will point out the failure to you and advise as to your best course of action.The Advisory Items might be nothing to do with the testing. They're just things we notice whilst testing that we feel you need to know about.

We'll freely provide assisstance and guidance for improving site safety.


We take our environmental responsibilites seriously. We aim to be Carbon Neutral by the end of 2022




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