What's it all about?

You have a responsibility under the Electricity at Work Act to ensure that you provide a safe environment for your staff, clients, children and the general public. PAT testing is a way of helping you discharge that responsibility. 

Regular testing will reduce the number of electrical failures and the risk associated with them. 

Below are some examples of things we've found whilst carrying out PAT tests. These are genuine examples, no photoshopping and no internet downloads. 

We can also give you advice as to how you can further reduce the level of risk. 

You can tell they are genuine, because you really couldn't make it up !

These are all pictures taken on-site during routine PAT testing. 

There's no photoshop, this is exactly as they appeared. 

Each of these situations occured in professional establishments, often where children were present. 

They represent serious potential risks of fire and the resultant danger to life and serious injury.

Some of this wiring was carried out by staff who thought they were saving the company money, or helping out. Make sure your staff know the rules.

This is why PAT testing is important


Making your workplace safer


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